Experiences at Preskil Island Resort

Nestled between the sea and mountains, Preskil Island Resort and the village of Mahebourg epitomise the eclecticism of the Mauritian cultural heritage. Come along and live these exclusive and yet authentic experiences with us.

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Mahébourg Market

Mahébourg and its surroundings

With its rich history, Mahebourg has played centrestage to many pivotal moments for our country. The very essence of Mauritius seeps through every nook of the village. By bike or by foot, embark on a journey of discovery in this authentic and unpretentious region - the colours, the scents, the flavours embodying our sweetness of life.

Lose yourself as you wander through Mahebourg market or by the seafront, try some of the street food at the stalls or in the local restaurants, make sure to stop by the Rault biscuit factory for a cheeky snack… And don’t miss a quick stop at the Naval Museum and the Frederik Hendrik Museum, where you will find yourself beguiled by the incredible remnants of the past.

In Mahebourg reigns an authentic sense of charm, leaving an indelible mark on wanderers.

The gardens of Château de Riche en Eau

Remains of a rich past

A visit to the gardens of Château de Riche en Eau is a voyage through time. This national heritage site, built in 1820, bears witness to a rich past. Back in the day, life in the village revolved around the sugar factory. Today, these stunning and elegantly manicured French gardens make for the perfect picnic setting.

Seated by the banks of a pond, under the shade of majestic trees, savour a basket from Domaine de Beau Vallon. And after a swim, how about a cup of tea on the terrace of the Château?

Beau Vallon Nature Island

Beau Vallon natural reserve

The 650 acres of land on the natural reserve of Beau Vallon are home to exceptional fauna and flora. Two hike trails have been traced at the heart of the forest, where groves of endemic trees, hordes of Java deer and some of the most beautiful birds of the island are sheltered.

The first trail, accessible to hikers of all levels, is a leisurely hour-long stroll.

The second trail, more intense, leads the more seasoned hikers towards the highest point of the estate, at 370m high. After all this effort, a moment of comfort: a mindblowing view of the valley awaits – from Mahebourg airport to the picturesque coastal village. Set aside two hours for this hike.

Located in a private estate, the well-preserved Beau Vallon reserve offers an exclusive experience to all its visitors.

Full Moon Dinner

On full-moon nights, Preskil Island Resort leaves no stone unturned: on the jetty of the hotel, lays a private table facing the sea, under the moon-lit magnetic night. Share a romantic dinner with your other half, a moment that will forever be etched in your travel memories.

Offer available upon request.

Adventures at sea

Holidays on a peninsula on an island cannot possibly be spent without a day filled with adventures at sea!

Begin the day with a copious breakfast on a canoe facing the breathtaking sunrise in the South-East. Thrill-seekers will revel in the array of activities, whereas serene souls may be more tempted by a catamaran ride, exploring the islands in the South-East (the protected reserve of Ile aux Aigrettes, l’îlot Mouchoir Rouge, l’île de la Passe, l’île aux Fouquets…)

And if this display still leaves you wanting more, all that’s left is to immerse yourself - literally - into the magical underwater world of Pointe d’Esny for a scuba-diving adventure.

Banyan Spa

Banyan Spa

In the shade of the emblematic banyan tree of the hotel, step into our spa and delve into a world like no other, almost spiritual. The Banyan Spa welcomes you – solo, with the family, or with your other half – into a 720m2 piece of heaven with eight treatment rooms (one with a jacuzzi), a sauna, a hammam, a double room, as well as a hair and beauty salon.

Drawing its inspiration from the traditions of our island, the Banyan Spa offers natural treatments for mind, body and soul care. Scrubs made from curry leaves, pineapple and coconut, hydrating body treatments using moringa or a four-hands massage infused with frangipani essential oils… you are in for a real sensorial journey.

Tikoulou Kids Club

With stories to tell and heads filled with wonderful memories, that’s how your kids will come back after a day at the Tikoulou Kids Club. With its wide range of fun and entertaining activities, the club guarantees a memorable experience to children aged 3 to 12.

Tikoulou, 10-year-old little Mauritian, is an endearing and surprising character. Famous amongst Mauritians, Tikoulou also arouses the curiosity and interest of foreign children. By setting up this unique place dedicated exclusively to children, Preskil Island Resort wanted to take the kids’ experience up a level, embarking them on adventures as wonderful as Tikoulou’s… It is in the image of this endearing character that our kids club came to life.

Our qualified, dedicated Artists will offer your kids an unforgettable experience, with fascinating adventure stories that share positive messages and beautiful values. Parents are invited to leave their children to have fun and enjoy a magical moment to share with their loved ones at the end of the day.

Tikoulou Baby Club

Tikoulou Baby Club

A well-equipped and specially designed space awaits our little friends from 3 to 36 months. At Preskil Island Resort, we understand that you’re travelling with family, the little details matter more than ever. Let us take care of all details to make holidaying with your baby a stress-free experience. Run by our qualified in-house Little Guests team, your children will love playing and learning at Tikoulou Baby Club, with lots of activities to spark their curiosity.

Tikoulou Baby Club now available

Tikoulou Kids Club
Younger traveller’s HQ

Tikoulou, a popular comic character loved by Mauritian children, promises to delight your young ones with a colourful universe at the Kids Club. And he has pulled out ab-so-lu-te-ly all the stops to make their stay as fun as it is enriching,

With the help of a qualified team, he offers an array of adventures that are both playful and educational: sensory play, karaoke, arts and crafts, puppet shows, crab hunts, sand castle competitions, and for the older ones, water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking - amongst many other activities.

No two weeks look alike at the Tikoulou Kids Club!

  • Baby Tikoulou - operational from November 2022 - plays hosts to our youngest guests, from ages 4 to 23 months old
  • Petit Tikoulou looking after kids between the ages of 2 and 3 years old
  • Kids Tikoulou tending to kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years old


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